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Need help finding the funds for Your electrical project?

Securing the finances for an electrical project can be a daunting task at times. We understand that not everyone has the resources readily available to undertake significant electrical work. However, we want to assure you that there are other options available to make your next project a reality. As a team of professionals, we are here to help you explore all possible alternatives that align with your budget and financial capabilities and we are committed to finding a solution that works well for you.

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We offer financing

We offer financing with flexible options, so you can pay over time rather than all at once, please inquire for details. The application takes about a minute to complete, and checking your loan options does not impact your credit score.

  • Finance projects up to $25,000*
  • Loan options from 3 to 60 months*
  • APRs range from 0 to 29.9%*
  • No hidden fees or compounding interest


Prequalify today with no impact to your credit and contact us to learn about financing your next project!

*All loans are subject to credit approval. Your terms may vary.  

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