Circuit Breaker Installation & Replacement

Has something gone wrong with the main breaker in your home? Then it may be time to replace it. At Blue Line Electric, we offer professional circuit breaker installations in the McKinney region to ensure that everyone has access to a safe breaker box.

Our team has all the necessary experience to handle main and branch circuit breakers, meaning that you can entrust the replacement to them with complete confidence. To install new main and branch circuits in your home or business, give us a call today.

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How to Tell Your Circuit Breaker Should Be Replaced

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Outdated and Old

Upgrading an old and outdated circuit breaker is an important step toward safeguarding your home from electrical hazards. Over time, wear and tear can degrade the efficiency of an old circuit breaker, making it unable to handle the demands of modern electrical appliances and possibly not compliant with the current National Electrical Code.

A new circuit breaker installation can significantly improve the safety and functionality of your electrical panel, reducing the risk of electrical fires and ensuring that your power supply meets today’s standards. Plus, replacing circuit breakers that are no longer efficient can help prevent unexpected power outages — providing a stable and reliable electricity flow to your home.

Insufficient Amperage

When a circuit breaker lacks sufficient amperage, it’s a signal that your electrical system may be straining to support your household’s electrical demand. This mismatch can lead to frequent tripping of the circuit breaker, indicating that it’s time to consider installing circuit breakers with higher amperage. 

Upgrading to a new breaker that can accommodate the increased load is not just about convenience — it’s about adapting your electrical system to the evolving needs of your home. By ensuring that each branch circuit breaker is correctly rated for its load, you’ll protect your home from potential electrical hazards and optimize the distribution of your power supply.

Rust, Discoloration, and Corrosion

The presence of rust, corrosion, and discoloration on a circuit breaker is a red flag signaling potential danger. These signs can mean that moisture has made its way into the circuit breaker panel, leading to the deterioration of critical components. Such damage can compromise the integrity of the electrical connections and increase the risk of short circuits and electrical fires. 

As such, replacing circuit breakers under these conditions is not only a preventive measure but also a necessity for maintaining the safety of your home’s electrical system. A professional electrician from Blue Line Electric can assess the extent of the damage and perform the necessary replacements, ensuring that your electrical panel remains in optimal condition.

Burning Smells

A burning odor emanating from your breaker panel is an urgent warning that should not be ignored. This smell often indicates that a circuit breaker is overheating, which can be due to a short circuit, an overloaded circuit, and other issues. In such cases, replacing the affected circuit breaker is imperative to prevent potential electrical fires. 

A new circuit breaker can help restore power safely, while a professional electrician from our team can investigate the root cause of the overheating to prevent future incidents. It’s worth noting that safety precautions — including the use of an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI breaker) and ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI circuit breaker) — can create additional layers of protection against electrical hazards.

Constant Tripping

Constant tripping of a circuit breaker is more than just an inconvenience. It’s a symptom of a deeper circuit problem that requires immediate attention. Whether it’s caused by an overloaded circuit or a fault in the electrical wiring, this issue signifies that the breaker is unable to manage the electrical load safely. 

As such, replacing a circuit breaker that trips constantly is an important step toward resolving these underlying issues. An electrician from the Blue Line Electric team can help diagnose the cause of the constant tripping and recommend the installation of additional circuit breakers or the replacement of the main circuit breaker, if necessary. By addressing the problem at its source, you can ensure that your home has a reliable and safe electrical system.

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