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If you ever need support from professional electricians in Prosper, TX, then Blue Line Electric has you covered. Our family-owned and operated business holds a State of Texas Electrical Contractor license and is backed by 20 years of experience, meaning that you can have peace of mind that your home or business’s electric systems are in capable hands. 

From minor repairs to major wiring replacements, our team can handle all of your electrical needs!

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Improving Safety

Electrical safety is incredibly important for both homeowners and businesses alike. A licensed electrician from our team can significantly improve safety by identifying and rectifying potential electrical issues. They are skilled in handling different kinds of complex electrical work, such as the installation of circuit breakers and the resolution of problems related to electrical wiring. Our expertise helps prevent mishaps, such as house fires caused by faulty wiring or overloaded circuits. 

When you reach out to Blue Line Electric, you can have confidence that the electrician who comes to your doorstep has passed a criminal background check and is trained and ready to complete the entire process.

Upgrading Electrical Systems

Updating your electrical system is another key service provided by our local electricians. An outdated system can lead to inefficiency and safety hazards. By reaching out to our pros for electrical services, you can have your old electrical panel replaced with a new one — or schedule an electric panel upgrade to accommodate more power-intensive appliances. Our electricians are also adept at handling commercial electrical work, ensuring that a business owner‘s electrical needs are met so that their operations can run smoothly.

Fixing and Updating Lighting

When it comes to lighting, an electrician can make significant improvements. From lighting installation for new lighting fixtures to fixing existing systems, they can handle it all. They can install everything from outdoor lighting — like landscape lighting — to indoor solutions like recessed lighting. Upgrades to your lighting can enhance the ambiance of your space and even increase its value. Also, with services like ceiling fan installation, they can help improve ventilation in your home.

Performing Tests and Inspections

Regular tests and inspections carried out by licensed electricians are crucial in maintaining the health of your electrical setup. These checks can identify problems like faulty light switches, malfunctioning electrical outlets, or an overloaded breaker box

They can also install smoke detectors, providing an extra layer of protection against potential fires. A master electrician can even offer a free estimate for any necessary electrical repairs, giving you an up front idea of the costs.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

An electrician from our team can help enhance energy efficiency in your home or business. By recommending and installing energy-efficient appliances and solutions, such as LED light fixtures or ceiling fans, we’ll help you save on electricity bills. Additionally, our team can suggest home surge protection to safeguard your appliances from power surges. 


These electrical projects not only reduce energy consumption but are also environmentally friendly. Our locally owned electrical contractors are known for their quality work, competitive price, and great customer service — meaning that you can be completely satisfied with the results. In addition, our electrician services often come with flat rate pricing, ensuring no hidden costs and providing excellent value.

Anyone who needs reliable residential or commercial services for their building’s electrical systems can place their trust in Blue Line Electric. To learn more about the electrical problems we can help you solve and to receive free estimates, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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